The Sassy Southern Accountant

We help take the chaos out of numbers!

I am not your everyday accountant! I tailor my accounting services to automate bookkeeping, payroll & taxes while offering consulting to business owners. Prior to me, most feared their accounting & did not know their true financial situation. Most were unorganized, worried, lost, frustrated and down right confused about their accounting. What they have found in me and my services is relief, trust & confidence. They have gained someone to speak with about their business finances today and a strategy for tomorrow. Through the process of automating their accounting to work for them and not against them, my clients become energized, excited, empowered and re-focused on building their business and their dream!

Bookkeeping Automation

Let's turn your monthly accounting into an easy-to-manage bookkeeping system.   I offer tailored accounting packages to fit the needs of your business today or download my Bookkeeping Companion. Either way let's plan for an even more successful tomorrow. Learn More >

 Q&A Consulting

Have questions in reference to your business finances?  Accounting, payroll or taxes?  Find a friend and professional in me.  If I don't know the answer, I will do the research to find the answer for you.  Sometimes, it's just helpful to have someone who knows the rules to help.

Payroll Made Easy

Whether you are paying employees or just yourself, Payroll can be confusing.  When to take taxes out?  When not to take taxes out?  When are the deadlines?  I can automate this for you and make it FUN to pay yourself and minimize your tax liability so you can rest easy. 

Annual & Quarterly Taxes

You should not fear Tax time!  The tax man is not as scary as he/she is made out to be.  Let me help organize your business so quarterly and/or annually you are NOT STRESSED about completing your taxes. 

          Let's make your numbers sexy!

find out how - schedule a call today!

I wrote this e-book for you!  It is an introduction to bookkeeping.  I share with you some common terminology that you should be familiar with in reference to your accounting. In addition, I give you some basic best practices. 


I offer a FREE 30-minute PRIVATE CALL to discuss your accounting needs.  This call allows you to ask the questions you need the answers to.  It also allows me to learn about you and your business as we will get to the root of your business (The Numbers) and determine the best laid out plan to end the Chaos! And have your numbers look - Sexy!   If you are ready to end the Number Chaos and see if we are a good fit - then Schedule a Call and LET'S TALK!

  • We will determine how my services can get your Accounting ORGANIZED & END THE NUMBER CHAOS
  • Discover HOW MUCH $$$ YOU ARE ACTUALLY MAKING by how you are handling your income & expenses
  • Identify what your GROWTH GOALS are and if you are positioned financially to achieve them
  • Ensure your business is set up properly so you know where the Money is going  and  MINIMIZE TAX LIABILITY
  • There are so many TOOLS & RESOURCES to use to help automate your accounting.  Let me help you decide which accounting software is right for you and your business.
  • How are you handling your daily transactions?  I have great tips that will save you TIME & MONEY

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