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They’re your nemesis.
Or they’re your GREATEST WEAPON.

Because an owner who understands her finances? Has control over her business and her destiny.

But if she doesn’t know what’s coming in or what’s going out or what’s available for ads or what’s owed for taxes?
Chaos ensues and takes over.

Success is rooted and flourishes when you have full control over every aspect of what goes on in your business.

And numbers? Have to be your greatest strength.

My job? Is to make them sexy, sassy, and a whole lot of badassy for you. With you.

Because when you know and LOVE your numbers, everything you do is informed, calculated and creates unbridled success.

Sexy Number Solutions Built for all Businesses

Because we want to make your numbers look sexy


PayMe First-Lite

PayMe First

Year End Overhaul

Tired of receipts piling up? Tired of not knowing your bottom line – your true bottom line? Not sure if your accounting books are set up right… or do you not have any accounting books set up at all? Tired of your numbers being in complete Chaos?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want to spend your time growing your business, not fussing over numbers to run it.  You want someone who not only gets you and your business but will also be around to help you grow.  You want someone to take the CHAOS out of those blasted Numbers!!

If the above described you – well you are in luck!!

Sexy Numbers mean less time counting and more time relaxing

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44 for $44 Conultation

For only $44 you can get 44 minutes to learn more about

I offer a 44-minute PRIVATE CALL to discuss your accounting needs.  This call allows you to ask the questions you need the answers to.  It also allows me to learn about you and your business as we will get to the root of your business (The Numbers) and determine the best laid out plan to end the Chaos! And have your numbers look – Sexy!   If you are ready to end the Number Chaos and see if we are a good fit – then Schedule a Call and LET’S TALK!

  • We will determine how my services can get your Accounting ORGANIZED &END THE NUMBER CHAOS
  • Discover HOW MUCH MONEY YOU ARE ACTUALLY MAKING by how you are handling your income & expenses
  • Identify what your GROWTH GOALS are and if you are positioned financially to achieve them
  • Ensure your business is set up properly so you know where the Money is going  and  MINIMIZE TAX LIABILITY
  • There are so many TOOLS RESOURCES to use to help automate your accounting.  Let me help you decide which accounting software is right for you and your business.
  • How are you handling your daily transactions?  I have great tips that will save you TIME MONEY

Amber Hargett

Working with Lisa has helped me in so many ways I never thought possible. When I started working with her, I was stressed about my finances I couldn’t stand to even look at my bills and accounts. I knew I needed help getting my finances straightened out, but what I didn’t realize was that working with Lisa would give me so much emotional support too. She is so encouraging, and literally the first person I felt I could fully open up to about my money drama. She is truly my Financial Fairy Godmother! Over the past 3 months of working with her, she has helped me:

  • Release shame and guilt around debt
  • Consolidate and organize repayments
  • Completely clean up and separate my personal finances from my business
  • Get rid of monthly services I didn’t really need
  • Start saving for taxes proactively
  • Get ahead of the game so I’m saving money and not just getting by

As a result of working with her, I have:

  • Been able to focus much more and stay in my zone of genius bc I know someone is watching out for my money
  • Generated new sources of income and new clients
  • Look at my accounts frequently and feel GOOD about it
  • Feel empowered and in control of my finances instead of scared and stressed
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